Making A Difference

First Term Highlights
Spearheaded as Broward County Commissioner
Fracking ban in Broward
Broward County Campaign for Grade Level Reading
“My Next Move” – a program to help graduating HS seniors get local jobs
Revisions in child care licensing to document and support professional training
Recycling Center resolution with cities to consider use of jointly owned property
Child Care accreditation as acceptable use of CRA funds
Broward County Library for Life program
Sharing agreement between School Board and Public Library for online resources
Kid Culture – providing access for underprivileged kids to cultural institutions
Reopening of South Area Detention Center
Sponsored or Co-Sponsored
Establishment of Coral Reef Conservation Area
Marijuana civil citation legislation
Climate Change Task Force Action Plan 2.0
Campaign against deep well injection of untreated effluence
Common Sense Gun Law Resolution for legislative agenda
Uber, (Tranportation Network Companies)
Future conditions map for future development 
Recommendations of Coastal Ocean Task Force ​
Landlord campaign for Homeless
Support for Gulfstream childcare professional development center
Broward County Commission
Children’s Services Council
Broward County Water Advisory Board
Broward County Climate Change Task Force
Serve(s)(d) on:
South Florida Regional Planning Council
Broward MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization)
Broward County Children’s Advisory Board
School Board Oversight Committee